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Upon my return…

My last post mentioned that it had been some time since I had logged into SL and that my mediocre skills would be even worse than usual.  To prove this, I was TP’d to Iron Walls to help with a rescue:

[2014/09/13 20:28:11]  GM 4.43: /me ~ Static Ghost Has Captured mishi Masala! ~

[2014/09/13 20:34:52]  GM 4.43: /me ~ mishi Masala Has Captured Diggitydon Artis! ~

[2014/09/13 20:35:33]  GM 4.43: /me ~ Juvana Resident Has Captured mishi Masala! ~

[2014/09/13 20:40:32]  GM 4.43: /me ~ Static Ghost Has Captured mishi Masala! ~

[2014/09/13 20:43:58]  GM 4.43: /me ~ Static Ghost Has Captured mishi Masala! ~

[2014/09/13 20:49:46]  GM 4.43: /me ~ Jennifer Catteneo Has Captured mishi Masala! ~

OK, so I downed my own teammate who happens to be my partner. 

Whilst I assured him it was merely a love tap, I am still going to count it as a valid downing!  LOL   The really nice thing about downing your partner is that trying to make up for it is often quite good fun!


The only thing that could top downing not only your own but your partner is being shot with my own arrows due to the massive lag found there.  Yes, I’ve had this happen before at UNKs  LOL


 I also mentioned in my last post that there had been many sim changes since I had last logged in to SL and indeed there has been:

 Jotnar has a new build- I can’t say it is much better than the last.  Oh well, there is comfort in familiarity. 


We also have had the wonderful experience of being added to Devil’s Cove (which has relocated) without even asking!.  Lynx (Diggitydon) and I were asked to join as we have no “official” group to call home.  We have found it well-suited to simply go on random mixed raids or to help underdog sims in rescuing and raiding.  But even after explaining this, we were added to the group nonetheless.  We didn’t really want to be there but felt obligated to stay because a good friend of ours counted on our presence. Our time there was very short-lived, however.  Trix seemed a bit pre-occupied providing directives as we did a self-guided tour of the sim. She offered no salutations, no “hi”, “Tal”, “hello”, “fuck you”, …nothing.  Instead, what we got was commenting on where we should go, how to get there and where to stay away less we be ejected, rather than allowing us to explore the sim in a way that was meaningful to us so we could defend it.  Had this been done constructively or with advisement, it would have been received quite well but instead it was done with admonishment.  I have an idea!  If one wants another to tour a sim in a specific way, how about providing an organized tour instead expecting the touring individuals to be mind readers?   We joked about it to each other and pretty much ignored her idiocy until… She demanded Lynx turn off his viewer’s cross hairs which are visible when one cams.  He tried to reason with her but the dialogue became heated with her insisting that he use HIS viewer to HER liking.  When one needs to have THAT much control over another player, it is time to move on.  Lynx decided that their group was not really a good match and we left.  This is just as well because I can see nothing but drama in a place run by a dominate woman seeking control in a 270 and 360 fishbowl sim and bounding boxes which make it impossible for raiders to hit their targets.  The sim does need some work- must try harder. 


To be fair, I really like her FC, Ziwar.  I have known him a long time and always considered him a friend.  We have had our “discussions” about cheaters in Immortals which prompted us to grow distant in the past but honestly, I kind of feel sorry for him, knowing what I do now.  Having experienced Trix’s control needs I can now understand why her and her FC didn’t last long at Immortals.  I can’t imagine her and the other control freeek, China Rainforest, getting on so well.  LOL

Speaking of control freeeks, it appears that China has loosened the leash around her thrall’s neck somewhat.  Apparently the couple’s slave, Yummy Tamale, is giving lessons to him on how to be a man.  Good for him!


Women can now raid in confidence once again seeing that the Notorious ROG (Rapist of Gor) has departed, for 2 weeks at least.  For 2 whole weeks women will not have to worry about being subjected to nonconsensual pixel sex from which they have no escape (we will ignore that “X” in the top right hand corner of the viewer).

 [2014/09/19 15:02:29]  ЄҲƠƬƖƇƛ ƬƛԼԼƠƛƘ (tifridh.fallen): Oh…for all those who didn’t know….the rumor is true, Sakramento closed it’s doors today and Damian said he won’t be back for two weeks.

[2014/09/19 15:02:47] ЄΛŁЄЄƝ (ealeen.debbel): sakramento?

[2014/09/19 15:02:59]  ЄҲƠƬƖƇƛ ƬƛԼԼƠƛƘ (tifridh.fallen): I ‘was’ his daughter…and I didn’t even get a full 24 hour notice. None of us did.

[2014/09/19 15:03:16] ЄΛŁЄЄƝ (ealeen.debbel): welcome to sl


 More Immortal Bullshit:

Previously it was brought to our attention that zKnight Resident has been offering up his “Immortal Heartbreakers” to recruit men.  I was given the full log and to be fair will post it.  Please feel free to read it or skip over it.  I understand that his logic is somewhat compromised and is only marginally better than that of his FC:

[2014/09/13 06:35:13]  乙 ҚИIǤҤŦ (zknight): Oce ambushed me at the docks..with 3 other of her crew…needless to say I lost

[2014/09/13 06:35:20]  James (idliekah.jameson): noob

[2014/09/13 06:35:49]  tähjä (tia.wickentower): and immortals had to bring ghosts to rescue lol

[2014/09/13 06:35:59]  James (idliekah.jameson): lol

[2014/09/13 06:36:11]  EdwardEverguard Resident: 1

[2014/09/13 06:36:36]  乙 ҚИIǤҤŦ (zknight): well Ghost certainly can rescue…so yea..Go Ghost

[2014/09/13 06:37:13]  Tianna (tiannasnowpaw): i think Immortals need to recruit, we have nobody to rescue

[2014/09/13 06:37:42]  tähjä (tia.wickentower): immortals have been trying, but….trying to recruit men by dangling women doesnt work lol

[2014/09/13 06:38:41]  乙 ҚИIǤҤŦ (zknight): Ok tahja ill dangle some men for u

[2014/09/13 06:38:55]  tähjä (tia.wickentower): im not in the game for a hook up

[2014/09/13 06:45:03]  Tianna (tiannasnowpaw): oohhh i did not know Immortals acted like a brothal to attrackt men, seems i am missing out

[2014/09/13 06:45:20]  乙 ҚИIǤҤŦ (zknight): lol

[2014/09/13 06:45:23]  tähjä (tia.wickentower): you dont read the notices your group puts out then

[2014/09/13 06:45:33]  乙 ҚИIǤҤŦ (zknight): yea i write them

[2014/09/13 06:45:40]  乙 ҚИIǤҤŦ (zknight): Its called humour

[2014/09/13 06:45:52]  James (idliekah.jameson): or what is said in group chat  LOL

[2014/09/13 06:46:04]  Tianna (tiannasnowpaw): yeah but its right, most of us are women we do need some men


Rumour has it that there is a keen attraction between Pirate Karillion and the “Queen” of Immortals.  There has been quite a bit of playful bantering in Raid Messneger between these two and the orally talented Yummy Tamale.  This is what we see in public, what happens in those nasty FW IMs, me wonders:

  [2014/07/15 05:58:18]  Letishajade (letishajade.xaris): who shall we raid, what sim is up?

[2014/07/15 05:58:53]  Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): not us I’m stil busy baking

[2014/07/15 05:59:34]  Letishajade (letishajade.xaris): raid immortals get the cookies

[2014/07/15 05:59:42]  pirate Karillion: 1

[2014/07/15 06:05:02]  Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): awe pirate is here Al alone

 [2014/07/15 06:05:53]  Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): we want rum, come deliver it

[2014/07/15 06:06:01]  Tianna (tiannasnowpaw): nobody wants to raid with him

[2014/07/15 06:12:21]  pirate Karillion: lots of cookie lovers comin in ya better guard those cookies

[2014/07/15 06:32:22]  Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): hahaha nono they hidden put glasses on pirate

[2014/07/15 06:33:41]  Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): I’ll bake new cookies for you come by tomorrow eve but bring rum

[2014/07/15 06:33:57]  Daymo Christenson: wow

[2014/07/15 06:34:04]  pirate Karillion: sure thing „laughs


[2014/09/07 04:41:15]  Rincthane Resident: pirate you left sso and jioned immortals cool

[2014/09/07 04:41:31]  pirate Karillion: ahh shutup „lol i did not

[2014/09/07 04:41:35]  Rincthane Resident: lol

Rumour also has it Starlight Fanshaw has a long involvement with another who they have now labeled a stalker, with zKnight even sending Raid Messenger notices labeling the guy.  I am now confirming that this long involvement is not a rumour at all as I was given logs of the interaction (and other things) between the Stalker and the loyal and virtuous (coughs) Starlight Fanshaw. (I won’t post these logs because they were private IMs and did not directly involve me.)  It seems their relationship goes back quite a while and they were reacquainted recently when he returned to SL.  I was told she initially believed the Stalker was an alt of Girondino Andrew who was then conveniently added to the Immortal Outlaw group. Someone from that group hinted that Giro was added to accommodate the “queens” needs that were not provided by zKnight.



As a bit of background, Girodino was accused of “raping” Starlight Fanshaw when she was with Ghosts.  Odo Dryke, leader of Ghosts” and her former IC father reported to me that she had asked him to avenge her rape.  Odo declined.  Simply put, you can’t rape the willing and if every one of her “rapes” were avenged, there’d be quite a few dead men about! LOL 

Giro also had been previously kicked and banned from that group when I was still there for telling zKnight what a fucktard he is.  At that time, zKnight announced that Giro was never to be added to the group.  Once again, the pussy wields its special powers and Giro was added to the group.  


Starlight Fanshaw had spent a good deal time with the Stalker until someone in their group found out and she suddenly changed her story, denying her relationship with him and stating to her FC that this man pursued her.  In the logs I was given, she complains that zKnight was rarely with her and for months after getting together they had not done any pixel bumping. I don’t know how men think, but I know I wouldn’t want to sex anyone, male or female, virtual or not, who had Raid Messenger notices sent out arranging a ganger with my partner on our “wedding night”…just sayin’.  I can’t blame zKnight for this.   Following this, Starlight sent modified logs to her FC, who then responded to the Stalker by sending him more than 18 NCs of the same content along with a proclamation that “the king, zKnight” was demanding he back off.  LOL  Delusions of Grandeur much? 


I truly grateful I am no longer affiliated with that group.  Whilst there are a few lovely people still in Immortal Outlaws, they bear the burden of being in a group with a horrid reputation.  I acknowledge that I appear to be obsessed with said group by virtue of their continued presence in my blog but alas, I am given this info and asked to bring it to others’ attention.  I do appreciate all of the contributions and NCs I receive but frankly I, like many others I am sure, am getting bored of the same fucktardery double standards put forth by the owners/admin of this group day after day.  I still have quite a few contributions pertaining to them, however once these are posted I am looking to wean you all from the perils of idiocy witnessed from them! 

In the meantime, keep on Goring, be safe and sane 


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During my absence…

I’ve not been logging into Second Life in recent weeks and I have to admit I’m not especially missing it.  My partner and I have been spending most of our time in our 1st life and messing about with other distractions.  We are currently exploring Archeage and the latest COD but alas, nothing really is better than our 1st life.   However, I have been getting emails and offlines from people in SL still who have shown appreciation for this blog and wish to see it continue by providing me with logs and pics.  Thank you for that!

There appears to have been quite a few sim changes since I logged into SL last.  Not sure if they are good or bad and maybe I will get some time to visit and fight a bit.  It’s been quite a while so I best get practicing less I find myself a reluctant visitor on some sim!



Not always the case!  Seems there *is* accountability in SL Gor, after all.  After seeing his fail on Hemloc’s blog, Freyvalhalla not only offered his apology for the fail but thanked Hemloc for calling him out on it.  Well done, Frey, for your integrity and strength of character.  We don’t see that much these days.

He posted this notice to the Raid Messenger Group

An apology.

Sat, Aug 30 2014 1:42:12 PM PDT

Yep, I got busted:

I read and enjoy this blog a lot, and am truly ashamed to be a featured item. My sincere apologies to everyone for my douchebaggery.

That said, let’s get back out there and have fun.



Speaking of Hemloc, I was saddened to see he has departed Kassau.  I like Hemloc a lot, always have, and I wish him the very best wherever he finds himself.  My partner and I had been spending some time with the people there, fighting and RPing, he was among them.  As far as the Kassau folks, I hope they are all doing well as it has been some time since I’ve been around.


Once more I have received logs of the ever so attention-seeking Immortal fucktards.  It appears that the self-identified “queen” has once again been offering her “services” in order to draw traffic and recruit.

[02:28:17] Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): strips his pant of puts over her kknee and spanks him hard

[02:28:39] ЄΛŁЄЄƝ (ealeen.debbel): strips his pants off? *giggles

[02:29:14] ЄΛŁЄЄƝ (ealeen.debbel) grabs Idus by his ears and turns him to look that way

[02:29:19] Idus (idus.spad): haha

[02:29:36]  αℓdяιc Zαяcσ ҚИIǤҤŦ KσвαLeίnen (alderic.petrolhead): damn,  i prefer the  firm   hand  of  Uncle Z!

[02:30:22] Idus (idus.spad): plugs his ears and closes his eyes ..this is woman show he mumbles

[02:35:58] ЄΛŁЄЄƝ (ealeen.debbel): you can spank him too… if you want *chuckles

[02:42:05] Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): idus you wish spanks to?


But wait, there is more.  It seems that she was offering her “hand” to pretty much everyone.  It wasn’t until reading further that suddenly things from my past associations became more clear.

[03:35:03] Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): oh boo wil give ya one for sure………smirks evil

[03:36:28]  αℓdяιc Zαяcσ ҚИIǤҤŦ KσвαLeίnen (alderic.petrolhead): let  Uncle  Jon  quiet,  Auntie!!!

[03:36:41] Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): no hes in my binds

[03:36:55] Aroha: this foreplay is getting me hot

[03:37:16] Ed (edwardeverguard): do something about it

 [04:08:07] Jon KσвαLeίneη (jon01917.absent): 04:07:47] (GM)Bindings: Jon01917 Absent spanks Starlight Fanshaw hard!

[04:07:47] (GM)Bindings (from english): Jon01917 Absent verhaut Starlight

[04:10:50] Empty Clarity: my grandmother always told me that a family that fucks together stays together.

[04:11:37]  αℓdяιc Zαяcσ ҚИIǤҤŦ KσвαLeίnen (alderic.petrolhead): your  Grandma was clever Empty Clarity

[04:13:38] Empty Clarity smiles

[04:14:04]  αℓdяιc Zαяcσ ҚИIǤҤŦ KσвαLeίnen (alderic.petrolhead): adopt me!

[04:16:13] Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): laugh]

[04:16:31] Pan de Saleria (harris.byron): why?

[04:16:49]  αℓdяιc Zαяcσ ҚИIǤҤŦ KσвαLeίnen (alderic.petrolhead): Hey  Brother in law!

[04:17:51] Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): oh dear…aldi make me a list of family lol

[04:18:26]  αℓdяιc Zαяcσ ҚИIǤҤŦ KσвαLeίnen (alderic.petrolhead): lol

[04:18:27] Jon KσвαLeίneη (jon01917.absent): no you bekome a slp on your ass

So it seems that certain members of the ҚИIǤҤŦ family are into incest, perhaps.  Interesting.  zKnight Resident always frowned on incest in the ҚИIǤҤŦ family.  However, over time he seemed to take on a kinder, gentler opinion of those who wished to engage in such behaviours in his family.  I was always curious as to why the sudden change of opinion.

Oddly, prior to my departure from his and my more amicable relationship, one of his IC children warned me that he was spending time with our adopted daughter, who later changed her RP and became our granddaughter and who he now calls his daughter. (Fucked up, I know.) This is none other than China Rainforest.  It was shared with me by one of his other IC children that those two (zKnight and China) had a very ‘special’ relationship and I should not be surprised if she eventually took over Immortals and the sim.  Of course, I was very disbelieving thinking zKnight was honorable and China a friend but that warning came to fruition and looking at the above log, I can see how this has become quite a “family” enterprise.  Doesn’t surprise me and explains her reaction when I directly asked her if these “rumours” were true.   It seems that zKnight Resident has a history of very “close friendships” with women who he ironically has made his family members.  In that mix he includes his ex FC who he berated for how she dicked him over when she disappeared to play her alts. If “family matters” is your thing, fine. We all have our predilections, However, don’t judge others, i.e. my partner because he has a beard (you fucking moron, zKnight) when you play out a fantasy of shit that is not only socially unacceptable in the most of the western world but illegal in many places.


I was also passed another log referring to the actions and subsequent reputation of the Immortals women:

[15:20:24] london Footpad: all women at sso put out they like immortals or pearls they all know there place is to please the men

Very nice.  zKnight Resident not only has sent Raid Messenger notices about the awesomeness of the Immortal women but both he and his current FC try to recruit offering them as attributes, even as much having their “1st girl” offer blowjobs at the docks in an effort to lure men there.

 [2014/07/15 15:23:37]  Yummy Tamale: Pirate, come raid my panties

[2014/07/15 15:23:41]  Samantha (samanthaecio): lol

[2014/07/15 15:24:03]  Ian Minotaur Fukcing Later (ian.later): you get a free blow job

[2014/07/15 15:24:06]  Yummy Tamale: better yet, come lay on the docks and self bind ;)

[2014/07/15 15:24:16]  Yummy Tamale: very true, Ian

[2014/07/15 15:24:25]  Rincthane Resident: ian stop offering bj  ffs

[2014/07/15 15:24:33]  pirate Karillion: hahah

[2014/07/15 15:24:38]  Yummy Tamale: Though I only need to suck one more today, so he better hurry if he wants that

[2014/07/15 15:24:49]  Ian Minotaur Fukcing Later (ian.later): lol

[2014/07/15 15:25:10]  Samantha (samanthaecio): do you have a quota you have to suck each day yummy? lol

[2014/07/15 15:25:44]  pirate Karillion: ok  thanks

[2014/07/15 15:25:45]  Yummy Tamale: Yes, Samantha…. two a day for a week

[2014/07/15 15:26:10]  Samantha (samanthaecio): well you have Randy and Cameron there.. so there is your two a day

[2014/07/15 15:26:13]  Samantha (samanthaecio): lmao

[2014/07/15 15:26:33]  pirate Karillion: what ya mean 1 more lolol

[2014/07/15 15:26:58]  Dra Tchailenov Constantine (draven.hissop): does that include swallowing as well?

[2014/07/15 15:27:00]  Rincthane Resident: 100  day i hear

[2014/07/15 15:27:07]  Jezza (jezzabelleczarny): lol

[2014/07/15 15:27:29]  Yummy Tamale: Dra, only if I like the guy. Then I spit :P

[2014/07/15 15:27:40]  Kylethya Resident: doesnt sound like a recordattempt

[2014/07/15 15:27:49]  Rincthane Resident: you like every one yummy

[2014/07/15 15:28:13]  Rincthane Resident: she sloshed when she walks

He must feel very proud of “his” women. I wonder if this man who wishes so much in his 1st life to emulate Jordan Belfort knows how much money there is to be made in whoring out his Immortal women in his Second Life.  I see opportunity here!  Perhaps if he wasn’t so busy “taking it up the ass” (as he has told me repeatedly sim owners must do) from his daughter/granddaughter/daughter, China, he could see the potential!  


I know, I know, I said I was not going to blog about Immortals again because they bored the crap out of me but you asked, I delivered! 


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But wait…there’s more!

Ahhh, now, once again we turn our attention to Immortal Outlaws.  In recent weeks, I had made a decision to pull back from blogging about the fucktard owner, admins and “queen” of Immortals…because, frankly, they bore the hell out of me.  There is only so much moronic behavior one can witness and report.  Even idiocy, no matter entertaining at times, becomes a bit mundane after a while. 


However, their illustrious “owner” contacted me and left me a few voice mails until I finally spoke with him.  He demanded I stop writing about Immortals Outlaws and take down my “Immortal blog”.  When questioned if he had read my blog and if he was aware I blogged about things other than Immortal Outlaws, his response was “bits and pieces”.  In other words, only the bits and pieces that your admin wishes you to see…ahem.  I enlightened him that I blogged mostly about idiots and assholes, so if he didn’t want me to comment on certain people in his group…well, it is pretty obvious that they need to stop being idiots and assholes.

He then went on to tell me that he was told that I was responding to myself in Raid Messenger group chat…on my alt  and that it needed to stop. Talking to myself?!  LOL He didn’t disclose what I was supposedly speaking to myself about but I assume it was perceived commentary about his group. Stop looking so selfishly inward…it ISN’T always about you lot!  Imaginations running wild here?…seriously, do you not think I have better things to do, such as write about imbeciles, than to be talking to myself on an alt in a group chat which boasts 5900+ users?  

Then again, maybe I am being confused with the current FC of zKnight Resident:

[2014/08/19 22:48:18]  Frisky Midal: 1

[2014/08/19 22:57:06]  JesusHeist Resident: 1

[2014/08/19 23:12:22]  Tezeuss Resident: 1

[2014/08/19 23:12:46]  Starlight Fanshaw: no just awake go away

[2014/08/19 23:17:05]  Lynx (diggitydon.artis): Starlight, who are you talking to? there’s no previous chat.

[2014/08/19 23:17:16]  Lynx (diggitydon.artis): Talking to the midnight sky?

[2014/08/19 23:18:47]  Starlight ҚИIǤҤŦ  (starlight.fanshaw): tezeus  lol

[2014/08/19 23:19:56]  s0raka Resident: so a 1 means he comes to you?

[2014/08/19 23:22:28]  mishi (mishi.masala): laughs


What’s the saying…”the lights are on but nobody is home”?

Anyway, I beg to see the logs where I am supposedly speaking with myself because I’ve not signed in with my alt since removing my collar in April, 2014. Besides, these people are delusional to think that others in GE do not see what is patently and embarrassingly obvious.  The issue here is that China Rainforest is so obsessed with knowing peoples alts that anyone is suspect when a perceived threat is encountered.  In this case, the threat is me.


He also reported that he has been told that people are showing up on Immortals’ sim saying they are my alt.  How bloody ridiculous is that? Well, it is, for several reasons:  1. Who in hell lands on a sim to fight and announces they are an alt? 2. And if it were me, would I admit it, knowing I’d be ejected and banned? 3. Knowing the hatred that Immortals has for me, who would even want to be thought to be my alt and risk being banned (see my previous blog regarding the Mish Dryke incident ““Ban your fears””)? 4. Why would I, as my main or alt, even venture to give traffic to a sim owned and operated by paranoid morons who have such little control in their 1st life that they seek to control others’ 2nd life?  5. Why would I exploit a man who is not capable of making reasonable decisions by playing on a sim he pays for, as those do who claim to be his friends? 


He warned me to stop blogging about China Rainforest, to which I responded…”no idiot is exempt”.  He further went on to tell me to blog about aikodark flattening Valhalla (which I had but he obviously didn’t read that bit or piece) yet failed to address that China Rainforest began sending my prims back to my inventory whilst I was out of town, before zKnight and I had officially ended our relationship and I left as owner of Immortal Outlaws. Why? Because this is something he was never told by his self-serving admin.  Instead, she fabricates stories to justify her paranoia and stupid actions to gain control. She lies by omission.  Her insecurities permeate rational thinking.  This is confirmed by more than a few she has ejected from their group for simply disagreeing with her opinions.

A close friend of my partner has found herself banned at Immortals but to present has been given no explanation as to why.  Jazmyn reports that she has been griefed by Immortals when landing on their docks which included abusive IMs by Immortal members. 


She also reported that another time she raided with a mixed group and capped Cameron, Immortals High Commander and slave to China Rainforest. He was polite and very willing but told Jazmyn he had to log and would honor the cap at a later time.  Not only did he not respond when IMd to honor the cap but she found herself then banned at Immortals’ sim.  Makes me wonder if China is so insecure of a bit of RP between her virtual lover and a pixelated female avatar that she’d have to ban her…or perhaps she thinks that Jazmyn is me as well…strictly by virtue of her friendship with my partner?  After all, according to zKnight, people have been coming to the sim saying they are my alt, LOL.  Very, very sad…outright pathetic. China Rainforest had and still has her own agenda as was told to me months before I left Immortals by several people in that group.  I thought she was a friend and doubted their warnings. I should have listened.  zKnight Resident will find out as well, once he comes to his senses.

In the meantime, zKnight Resident, unlike the control your admin, China, has over you, you no longer have any say about what I do. So please…. keep your warnings for people who give a damn… because I certainly don’t.


The call between zKnight and myself ended as usual, with his raging and calling me filthy names because I refused to acquiesce, and remained calm and firm in my conviction to maintain my blog. 


How charming his behaviour.  Nonetheless, zKnight Resident has also warned me he is not leaving Gor, insinuating that this is my wish.  Nothing could be further from the truth. However, what I do wish for him is a very happy and healthy 1st and 2nd life.  Besides, should he leave Gor and his group dissolves, I’d have less content for my blog!


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Follow up from Visucius Pirates

I received quite a bit of feedback from my last few posts.  One, of course, was being Alcyanne of Visucius Pirates fame who gave me a full explanation of their name…almost:

[2014/08/12 06:14:25]  AlcYanne Resident: (Saved Tue Aug 12 01:17:41 2014)The ancestors of some of them might have been Chaldeans or Celts or Syrians or Englishmen brought to this world over a period of centuries from different civilizations. But the children, of course, and their children eventually became simply Gorean. In the long ages on Gor almost all traces of Earth origin had vanished. Occasionally, however, an English Word in Gorean, like “ax” or “ship,” would delight me. Certain other expressions seemed clearly to be of Greek or German origin.

 Tarnsman of Gor   Book 1

[2014/08/12 06:14:26]  AlcYanne Resident: (Saved Tue Aug 12 01:20:02 2014)No one here is confused about the name , maybe you were or maybe you never asked, its pronunciation is simple enough. 

Well, that isn’t exactly true. Someone did, in fact, ask in vent one evening and the response was vague at best with unfinished sentences..uhh, uhmm…silence… let alone an explanation.  Being an academic, I went straight to the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, (lol) to get an answer and explained it to the person who queried. As far as pronunciation, I heard more than a few times Alcy pronouncing it for those in vent who fail to give an accurate representation of how it should be said.  So much for being simple. 

In all fairness, yes, I do try to be fair, if GE groups can have other non-gorean names such as  Ghosts, Unknowns, Freesouls…and Skull Fuking Bastards…I can’t rightfully critique a name like Visucius.   However, this doesn’t mean they are exempt from being labeled as cheating fucktards by any means.

Now then a few moments later, most likely after she continued reading, she IMd again:

[2014/08/12 06:14:26]  AlcYanne Resident: (Saved Tue Aug 12 01:25:54 2014)and yu have  proof Kevcheats ..? really where show me ??  didn’t think Marco was right about you until now after reading this… shakes head wow 

  Yes I do,  and:

 [2014/07/16 23:14:04]  Rylee07 (kayladark resident): entered chat range (19.86 m).

[2014/07/16 23:14:05]  Rylee07 (kayladark resident): left chat range.

[2014/07/16 23:14:05]  Rey Orsini (Ʀey Ɣaleska): left the region.

[2014/07/16 23:14:08]  silverfang13 (Silver Ryn Shandris): entered chat range (19.60 m).

[2014/07/16 23:14:09]  silverfang13 (Silver Ryn Shandris): left chat range.

[2014/07/16 23:14:11]  MrC Sparta (Mrc Pasta Lopez ): left chat range.

[2014/07/16 23:14:12]  MrC Sparta (Mrc Pasta Lopez ): entered chat range (17.06 m).

[2014/07/16 23:14:16]  Aliyah Darkrose (Aliyah KÄÄN): left the region.

[2014/07/16 23:14:17]  Vodoo Xue: entered chat range (17.43 m).

[2014/07/16 23:14:21]  Vodoo Xue: left chat range.

[2014/07/16 23:14:22]  silverfang13 (Silver Ryn Shandris): entered chat range (17.53 m).

[2014/07/16 23:14:24]  MrC Sparta (Mrc Pasta Lopez ): left chat range.

[2014/07/16 23:14:24]  Channel: /me Mod ( -INFO- ): Kev Capalini is now back in character.

[2014/07/16 23:14:29]  conny Heberle (Half Pint): entered chat range (18.26 m).

[2014/07/16 23:14:30]  silverfang13 (Silver Ryn Shandris): left chat range.

 [2014/07/16 23:14:31]  conny Heberle (Half Pint): left chat range.

[2014/07/16 23:14:39]  conny Heberle (Half Pint): entered chat range (19.99 m).

[2014/07/16 23:14:40]  silverfang13 (Silver Ryn Shandris): entered chat range (18.46 m). 

Well, you get the idea…for more specific details please see:

And as far as Marco (marcogianni), the racist- Uhmmm..No.

He isn’t right about me.  I am NOT a monkey fucker!  Nor am I a Kassau cocksucker…I love the peeps at Kassau but honestly, I’m a bit more discerning with regard to who I suck and that activity is reserved for just one.  Thankyouverymuch.  LOL

As is typical, I responded:

 [2014/08/12 06:27:23]  mishi (mishi.masala): you should have managed those poor excuses for humans.  MY words are not false.  No one asked you to read my blog, no one forced you, it is not advertised nor your interest solicited.  If you do not want bad things written, perhaps you and yours *should* have been nicer to others.

[2014/08/12 18:40:58]  AlcYanne Resident: (Saved Tue Aug 12 20:21:12 2014)” MY words are not false.  No one asked you to read my blog, no one forced you, it is not advertised nor your interest solicited.” Yes you did lie, and if you have a problem with Marco direct your hatred towards whom it is you have issues with , I have been away with family, I never treated you or lynx with any disrespect.

I am not exactly sure where I lied…as I have logs and documentation…but whatever…

 [2014/08/12 18:51:52]  mishi (mishi.masala): my blog had to do mostly with the leadership of your group.  As an owner/admin of said group, the allowance of a known racist and bigot to continue to spew vulgar commentary is appalling and places you in the same category as him.  YOU and Kev have every authority to address the issue, yet you took as passive position on it and allowed it to occur instead of managing the so-called leaders you put in place.  You continue to IM me because someone finally had the courage to stand up for what is right and make known the underhanded way you both set about to play a game where people are expected to play fair.  You brought this on by perpetuating the actions of pathetic man who has such little going for him that he has to target people who he thinks will not fight back in a virtual medium.  As I said, if you or ay others don’t like the things written, then perhaps you should consider how you treat others.   Incidentally, thank you for continuing the dialogue, it gives me more content for the blog.  Have a great day ;)

Alas, no further contact.  I’m sad.

Nah…not really.


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Ban your fears!

I wanted to post this a few weeks ago but at the risk of being thought obsessed with Immortal Outlaws I chose to wait a bit and also to get more info.  However, I tend to blog about idiots, assholes and fucktards these days.  So…need I say more?

Background:  Some time ago, the self-identified “Queen” of Immortals Outlaws came to me in my IMs and shared with me some of my real life personal information.  When I asked how she got the information her comment was:

 [2014/06/09 04:12:21]  Baby Rose Pfeffer Knight (starlight.fanshaw): is it a secret? then it wil stay safe, but it sure didn’t come from z

THAT’s convincing.  Sort of like “I have this friend…who…” 


Then it continued:

[2014/06/09 04:13:35]  Baby Rose Pfeffer Knight (starlight.fanshaw): a big mess yes, and if you would only stop, please you ain’t that angel my dad thinks you are, yes I blame you for losing odo

[2014/06/09 04:13:45]  mishi (mishi.masala): what?

[2014/06/09 04:13:53]  mishi (mishi.masala): who is your dad?

[2014/06/09 04:14:03]  mishi (mishi.masala): how can i stop somethign i’m not doing?

[2014/06/09 04:14:08]  Baby Rose Pfeffer Knight (starlight.fanshaw): and I’m telling you this as only one

[2014/06/09 04:14:09]  mishi (mishi.masala): what are you on about?

[2014/06/09 04:14:16]  mishi (mishi.masala): one what?

[2014/06/09 04:14:28]  Baby Rose Pfeffer Knight (starlight.fanshaw): odo you know him very well told him you’re story

[2014/06/09 04:14:35]  mishi (mishi.masala): what story?

[2014/06/09 04:14:43]  Baby Rose Pfeffer Knight (starlight.fanshaw): and now I’ve enough I go rl

[2014/06/09 04:14:55]  mishi (mishi.masala): what story?

 [2014/06/09 04:17:39]  Baby Rose Pfeffer Knight (starlight.fanshaw): oh I can show you odos words ans it ain’t altered at all,


Suurrrre, you can…

So, always curious, I checked Odo Dryke’s profile. Having disowned Starlight Fanshaw ICly, his other IC children remained in his profile, one being Mish Dryke (mish arnica).  I put two and two together and I went to Odo and in jest, asked him why he was sharing my personal information (of which he has no idea) with Starlight Fanshaw.  We had a good chuckle at the stupidity that had occurred with the involved parties and he shared his regret I was pulled into that drama.  I always liked Odo and whilst some have issue in how he manages his group, I never judge people except for how they interact with me, personally.  I don’t listen to rumours or consider reputations, I make judgment on what I see and experience first-hand, which I think is only fair.  He has always been very kind to me. 

Now, back to Mish.  She and I go back quite a ways to our Ghosts days and anyone with half a brain knows we are not the same person but apparently in an act of sheer terror, Immortal Outlaws banned Mish from their sim based on the erroneous assumption that Mish Arnica is actually me!  It is evident by my conversation with Startlight Fanshaw (above) that she assumes that Mish Arnica and I are the same (thus validating my theory “half a brain” or lack thereof).  Mish was told that she was my alt and it took quite a few “character” references to convince their uber intelligent but obviously suspicious sim admin, China Rainforest, that Mish and I are two different people.  Heck, I even have a dialogue between Mish and myself in my picks! Mish pleaded her position (of not being me) yet she remained banned.  Mish even went to sim owner,  zKnight Resident, who also knew her from Ghosts and full well knows that she and I are not the same person but his response to Mish was that China and someone else ran the sim. Sad. I do feel sorry for zKnight Resident’s current situation, but moreso ashamed and highly disappointed that the people who currently surround him exploit a man whose recent decision making processes have been obviously challenged.  Shame on you lot.   In the end, China’s IC sister Shae convinced her that Mish was indeed NOT me and the ban was lifted.

How challenging it must be to live in such a paranoid state, yet it is by these very actions witnessed from the Immortal Outlaws owner, admin and “Queen” that perpetuate their reputation for being a fucktard group. It is truly a pity as there are a few very nice and respectable people in that group but they sadly bear the burden of the Immortal Outlaws reputation.

Incidentally, I also have it on very good word that 2 people have recently been removed from Immortal Outlaws, simply for criticising the build.  Tsk Tsk.  

To Mish:  I love Mish Dryke (mish.arnica).  She is one of the nicest people I’ve met in SL and has a lovely way about her.  I am sorry, Mish, that we happen to have the same name.  I’m sorry more that people are idiots and regret that you were yet another victim to their insecurities and fears.


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Visucius…errrr Visuckiest Pirates

Many of the things witnessed this past week in Second Life are not much different than things seen in the past. However, it appears that idiocy has reached a new level.   Let’s start with Visucius Pirates.  Firstly, the name in itself makes one wonder, how in hell they came up with that for a Gorean “PIRATE” group. On research there are conflicting reports of the origin of the name.  It appears more frequently described as a Latin word describing a Roman or Gallo-Roman deity…with Celtic origins?   The owners of the group upon question describe it as meaning something else…but as they hemmed and hawed over the true meaning of the word, I totally dismissed it as something they, themselves were not quite sure about.  Not only are their own members confused as to what it means but they struggle, along with the rest of Gor to pronounce it properly.  It seems that the name is not only confusing but lends itself to the confused state of leadership in that group.  Whilst my previous experience with the owners has been anything but positive, I reluctantly joined with my partner and gave my best to this sim in trying to get their lazy asses out to raid, because that’s just part of what you do in GE, right? 

Forget rescues, it is not uncommon that this group leaves theirs behind and certainly one cannot expect them to organize and rescue.  I recently learned why rescues were not really on the priority list. It is repeatedly evident that should a raid or fight not go in the favour of the Pirates, their illustrious leaders simply “TP out” or advise their members to do so.  I witnessed this first hand whilst caged next to Kev at POB.  Not liking the outcome of the raid, he simply TPd out.  No word, no warning, simply unbound in the cage next to me and left.  POB folks were asking me, where our leader went and upon question in vent, I was told, there’d be no rescue.  This didn’t even come from Kev but from other people in the group. I was left there with no guidance and POB took pity on me and disgusted by Kev’s actions, sailed me.  Nice.

[2014/07/29 20:24:22]  (GM)Bindings: shouts: Kev Capalini has removed their bindings!

[2014/07/29 20:24:26]  Kev Capalini (Kev): left chat range.

[2014/07/29 20:24:27]  Kev Capalini (Kev): left the region.

 [2014/07/29 20:24:50]  ĈĦØÐÂY ҚRÂĿ (choday): shouts: they tp out like this?

 [2014/07/29 20:25:37]  Bendismoon (ƛƬƛԼƛƝƬЄ ƘƦƛԼ): entered chat range (15.68 m).

[2014/07/29 20:25:52]  ƛƬƛԼƛƝƬЄ ƘƦƛԼ (bendismoon): shouts: kev not here

[2014/07/29 20:25:52]  Bendismoon Resident: kevin not here

[2014/07/29 20:26:18]  ƛƬƛԼƛƝƬЄ ƘƦƛԼ (bendismoon): hey girl

 [2014/07/29 20:26:21]  ƛƬƛԼƛƝƬЄ ƘƦƛԼ (bendismoon): where is kev ?

[2014/07/29 20:26:21]  Bendismoon Resident: where is kevin?

 [2014/07/29 20:26:48]  CandiceFlyn (Willow Kral): entered chat range (17.85 m).

[2014/07/29 20:26:59]  CandiceFlyn (Willow Kral): left chat range.

[2014/07/29 20:27:09]  Bendismoon (ƛƬƛԼƛƝƬЄ ƘƦƛԼ): left chat range.

[2014/07/29 20:27:13]  mishi (mishi.masala): if you are speaking to me…please knwo I am not a “girl” and why would I know a person named kev?   


Way to go, Kev.

 And it doesn’t stop there, it seems that even when people are gracious enough to help the Pirates, they too get left behind despite the rationale given by one of their few intelligent members:

[2014/06/19 21:07:41]  Kal Richards (kal.villota): well, next time, it might be better to ban after it’s all over, we kinda left people fighting here that came to help us

[2014/06/19 21:07:55]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): Ive been Iming

[2014/06/19 21:07:58]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): non stop

[2014/06/19 21:08:11]  Kal Richards (kal.villota): yeah me too

[2014/06/19 21:08:44]  Allie (alliekat.button): he still has Electric/Anah. not sure if he is keeping her or not though

[2014/06/19 21:08:47]  Kal Richards (kal.villota): i mean i don’t care about brethren, but it kinda made us look bad with some others that all they saw was us pull out and leave em

So, the nice thing I found, as have others, is we can all come to expect certain behaviours from Kev Capalini. In addition to proof of quick switching and returning from OOC to IC meter status to fight mid-raid at Pirate’s Cove (see hemloc’s blog), it is expected that he will adhere to the “TP out” strategy when fights don’t go his way.  He posted his dialogue with Niccolas007 from Blackwood in Visucius group chat:

[20:57] (You)[Kev Capalini]: this is cheese dick bro

 [20:57] (You)[Kev Capalini]: you did NOT let them build this

 [20:57] Niccolas007: rush it, the only trap is ur fear

 [20:57] Niccolas007: no doors

 [20:57] (You)[Kev Capalini]: no

 [20:57] (You)[Kev Capalini]: lol

 [20:58] (You)[Kev Capalini]: beyond lame

 [21:00] Kev Capalini: [20:59] (You): IF we come back to rescue and the cap is in here….I’m ordering them to tp out

It is also an obvious mentality of other “leaders” in this group to simply ban anyone who may be a bit of a challenge.  At one point, the mutual bans included Jotnar, Damned, Gardar, Blackwood, Vydarr, LOW, SSO, Inveteratus and no rescues at White Larls, all simultaneously.   

[2014/06/22 13:30:19]  ishana Snowfall: uhmmmmm was just look at damned marauders

[2014/06/22 13:37:24]  ishana Snowfall: uhmmm they sorta captured me and Master Kal

[2014/06/22 13:37:37]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): o0

[2014/06/22 13:37:50]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): OH no we areleaving to go watch the USA play!!

[2014/06/22 13:37:55]  ishana Snowfall: lolol

[2014/06/22 13:38:04]  ishana Snowfall: figures

[2014/06/22 13:38:06]  Kal Richards (kal.villota): it’s fine

[2014/06/22 13:38:31]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): who has you

[2014/06/22 13:39:13]  ishana Snowfall: ravenor krell and his bunch

 [2014/06/22 13:41:46]  ishana Snowfall: there wasnt us on the list of banned ppls lol

[2014/06/22 13:42:06]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): no but they banned kev, banished and me

[2014/06/22 13:42:24]  Kal Richards (kal.villota): it’s fine

[2014/06/22 13:42:45]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): USA better win

[2014/06/22 13:42:58]  Kal Richards (kal.villota): i have it under control

[2014/06/22 13:43:17]  ishana Snowfall: they being nice its going ok

[2014/06/22 13:49:21]  ishana Snowfall: yes Master Kal does..whewww

[2014/06/22 13:39:34]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): ahhh you can TP out dumbbuttss

 [2014/06/22 13:40:31]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): they know until they unban all the visucius leaders … no rescues :)


[2014/06/22 23:04:39]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): [22:59] Zemariah: really?  fucking swording thru a fucking door and quickswitching ppl?  i see he has NO BALLS to fight like a man

 [22:59] Zemariah: what a pussy

 [22:59] Zemariah: fucking faggot

 [22:59] Zemariah: but no worries

 [22:59] Zemariah: when i hack your shit

 [22:59] Zemariah: and take ALL your back money

 [22:59] Zemariah: and delete your sim

 [23:00] Zemariah: then you’ll know what how it feels to be cheated

 [23:00] Zemariah: bank*

 [23:00] Zemariah: have fun while it last

 [23:01] Zemariah: fucking cheated cunts

[2014/06/22 23:04:55]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): umm Vyddaar just got ejected

[2014/06/22 23:05:03]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): and banned

[2014/06/22 23:05:06]  αɭℭƴ  (alcyanne): again

 I recall well the dialogue exchanged between Kev Capalini and me when I was at my former sim.  *I* certainly wasn’t the one using the same vulgar language before he TPd out. Yet a similar dialogue with Alcy and a Vydarrian, evoked a ban. <shrug>

 [2014/06/22 23:06:35]  Kev (kev.capalini): I’ll tell you what

[2014/06/22 23:06:39]  Kev (kev.capalini): every week

 [2014/06/22 23:06:49]  Kev (kev.capalini): I will choose a new flavor of syrup

[2014/06/22 23:06:55]  Kev (kev.capalini): then I will smear it on my cock

[2014/06/22 23:07:07]  Kev (kev.capalini): and every week Vydarr can lick it off

Charming…  for a 12 year old.

And Legends of War:

[2014/06/25 18:12:24]  mishi (mishi.masala): LOW has 7

[2014/06/25 18:12:26]  mishi (mishi.masala): we banned there?

[2014/06/25 18:12:36]  Serenity Guardian-Vane (vix.stoanes): yea tigerlily hates us


Seems a  pretty good reason to me….<shrug>


[2014/06/25 20:07:07]  GuN (gunner.shim): no more helping SSO  LOL


White Larls:

[2014/06/25 20:13:21]  GuN (gunner.shim): white  lars is no rescue

[2014/06/25 20:13:37]  GuN (gunner.shim): rosy wont rescue here

Oh! And I nearly missed this one.  Having the expectation that a good many sims had us banned or vice versa, I wasn’t even aware that Inveteratus had us banned:

[2014/08/03 23:01:48]  GuN (gunner.shim): Group Notice Sent by: Gunner Shim


 …or however that’s spelled.   All of our members should currently be unbanned there.  Those that were banned here have also been cleared.  As of today, 6:20 8-3-14

 There are no restrictions on Inveteratus on either side.  Let’s do our best to keep it that way.


Apparently there was a bit of a disagreement in how strategy should be executed which prompted Captain Marco Vane (marcogianni) to dig deep into his limited vocabulary bank and spew forth vulgarities which included quite a few racial remarks, comments and name calling to one of the other leaders. I am grateful I missed this exchange but wish I hadn’t only so I could have posted the dialogue/transcript.

[2014/08/04 15:01:40]  Kev (kev.capalini): I imagine you two are loitering around here because you want to know what I told Marco last night?

 [2014/08/04 15:01:58]  Lynx (diggitydon.artis): i have no idea

[2014/08/04 15:02:06]  Lynx (diggitydon.artis): im just loitering seeing the new build

 [2014/08/04 15:02:08]  Lynx (diggitydon.artis): lol

 [2014/08/04 15:02:25]  Lynx (diggitydon.artis): im a bit bothered by him, but I know the truth and people know the truth.

[2014/08/04 15:04:27]  Kev (kev.capalini): well…how he handled his frustration with events was inappropriate.   I told him as captain..he has authority to direct raid strategy and calls.  But that he needed to remove certain terminology from his vocabulary.

[2014/08/04 15:06:35]  Kev (kev.capalini): I think as a whole, the consensus is that the team would rather not receive raid strategy direction in vent except on a very broad and limited basis.  That’s what will make them happy.  It’s not the right way to go…I don’t agree with it.  Neither does alcy.  They will lose more often.  When you and I or marco or banished are not here ….most fights don’t go well.  But I told them as long as kev doesn’t have to RP a captive man I don’t give a shit…Just have fun

Obviously, if a group does not want to be led, then there is no point in having raid leaders, is there? The group wants no strategy “except on a very broad and limited basis”….wha?   Can you show me an example of this? Maybe… “Enter sim, shoot, get downed then TP out?”  

It is apparent, as well, that Kev’s mentoring of Marco’s leadership obviously fell on deaf ears. After being told to remove certain (racist) terminology from his vocabulary, he began again with his vulgar language and racist comments in IMs and vent only 2 days later.  I guess this is why they don’t want leadership or maybe they just never saw how effective leadership works.  Nonetheless, resorting to racist comments, name-calling and profanity certainly doesn’t make one a better man (or woman). It demonstrates the juvenile mentality often witnessed by those who may be a bit off-balance and gravely misinformed.  In a virtual medium rich in racial and cultural diversity, I think he chose the wrong platform to express his bias.  I feel very sorry for such people with little minds who cannot see outside of themselves and their fears.  


VERY Disappointing.

 Let’s send up some good thoughts and warm wishes for the emotionally stifled people with whom we are forced to share our real and virtual worlds.


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Strangeness prevails

Aikodark (and his alts) is the hottest thing right now in Gor…no, not hawt… nor hot in a positive sense but hot as in the subject of “assholes of Gor”. The last few days have reinforced this phenomenon by virtue of the fact that he flattened his old sim, Valhalla. Do I blame him for being an ass? Hell no, I mean, look at the man’s history and it should come as no surprise that instability runs rampant. I do, however, blame those who allowed him access for facilitating this behavior. It is no secret that the entwining relationships between sassy12, Aikodark and Blanecutting and all of their alts and their mutual access to each other’s accounts has facilitated disaster in the past. This time, however, it backfired. It is unfortunate that there are some very lovely people at Valhalla who have had to suffer at the hands of these meta-gaming, dual-grouping manipulators. I will continue to support these very people who bring a semblance of sanity to the asylum.

Speaking of asylum….
A recent dialogue in support of aikodark was spewed forth by an Immortal Sim Admin :

[2014/07/17 22:45:50] Gabrial Jameson: So I wanted you all to hear the bad news right from my mouth… Marcus of Valhalla has been banned by his own sim.. but wait.. Immortals have opened their doors for him as his new home! So phew he is still with us in Gor
[2014/07/17 22:46:41] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): you should stop spreading stupid rumours , he is not banne don his own sim and he is a friend in immortals
[2014/07/17 22:47:09] Gabrial Jameson: He told me in ims.. so its hardly a rumor if its form his own mouth?
[2014/07/17 22:47:51] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): so you should stop spreading IM messages about and keep things to yourself
[2014/07/17 22:48:23] Gabrial Jameson: oh so first its not true and i shoudlnt say it, and if it is true I shoudlnt say it either, gotcha
[2014/07/17 22:48:52] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): you should leave people alone, a lot of people have Rep and it’s people like you that keep shit going

As much as I hate to admit it, Gabe has a point.

[2014/07/17 22:51:35] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): Marcus has desided to give up his group Valhalla, his choice and should be left a that

Fair enough. But wait! In light of the recent aikodark activities, there has been a change of heart. Since aikodark has left Immortals and brought his FC, “fight skills” and “creative” RP to Ironwalls. Could it be that Immortals can no longer benefit from such talents? 

[2014/08/06 13:19:12] China Rainforest: so Damian/Marcus is very proud of creeping his way back into Valhalla and gaining their trust to be back in the group and land as owner, so he flattens the land and ejects everyone, with a ” told you I would get you three back,” what a bastard
[2014/08/06 13:19:46] Trisha Sciavo (trisha.neruda): yeah hes an ass
[2014/08/06 13:19:55] Trisha Sciavo (trisha.neruda): banned wl cuase i wouldnt give him head
[2014/08/06 13:20:00] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): an ass is putting it midly
[2014/08/06 13:20:06] mishi (mishi.masala): i recall you vehemently defending him just about a week ago, China…I wouldn’t speak
[2014/08/06 13:20:23] Trisha Sciavo (trisha.neruda): Well I am a lady
[2014/08/06 13:20:27] Yummy Tamale: *hugs China*
[2014/08/06 13:20:36] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): i would lik eot see that Mishi, got logs have you?
[2014/08/06 13:20:43] mishi (mishi.masala): yes

As one person who wanted logs of everything, she of all people should know I never make comment without proof or validation.


[2014/08/06 13:21:08] Enigma Kroll: oooo

[2014/08/06 13:21:37] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): and even if I had defended him, what the hell has it to do with what he did to Valhalla sim
[2014/08/06 13:22:01] mishi (mishi.masala): you didnt call him an ass when he was fighting at your simj lol
[2014/08/06 13:22:32] China ҚИIǤҤŦ - KOBALEINEN (china.rainforest): and so what
[2014/08/06 13:22:36] Yummy Tamale: Careful, Mishi. Your bitch is leaking out and getting all over everything.
[2014/08/06 13:22:44] Doom Lyric: doh
[2014/08/06 13:23:02] mishi (mishi.masala): laughs
[2014/08/06 13:23:13] mishi (mishi.masala): ouch



[2014/08/06 13:23:46] Σɴɪɢᴍᴀ (enigma.kroll): More fool to those who gave him land rights then isnt it.

Ahhh… Enigma! Finally intelligence prevails!!


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Free Women or sumpthin

I have been spending much time on BTB sims these last weeks and it appears the perpetual dilemma of all women continues to permeate Gor.  Do we stand…or kneel?  Now, I know GE gets bad cover by virtue of the behaviours of free women …and slaves.  However, I don’t feel that what I have recently witnessed in BTB sims warrants any type of critique of GE given that BTB sims are supposed to better uphold the philosophy of Norman’s books…at least that what they tell us.  I happened upon this little gem as I was sim hopping and found this a bit confusing. image


Is this a FW with a collar….or a slave wearing FW clothes?  Either way…somehow I’m not so sure this is “btb”. 

 Okay, to be fair, let’s move to GE, shall we?  Once again, even in the GE realm, FW are confronted with the age old dilemma…do we kneel…or



Dress like this!??! 


Then we have Valhalla…lovely sim.  I thought it would take on a bit of a different atmosphere since the Notorious ROG gave it up.  Alas, much to my disappointment, I saw the “slaver” doing a pelvic exam on a collared cap/slave.  I wonder where he got his medical degree and if he passed that horrid Green Caste exam!  I laughed so hard that I couldn’t even grab a pic…but then we all know what naked collared pixels look like, right?  We later found this collared cap/slave wielding FW weapons with full damage whilst naked.   Upon question, we were told that said individual was a FW being punished.  



As a last resort we can don our finest ears and wander the lands and embody Norman’s next book in the series titled “Goatgirls of Gor”  due out this fall!


I think we need to pull out the bigguns and file a formal report to the Immortal Outlaws Fashion Police…

Thank you all for the pics…


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Notorious ROG (Rapist of Gor)

Before I begin, let me make one thing clear, I do not condone rape in any form: earthly, gorean or any other context.  Nor do I dismiss the trauma experienced by those who have been victimised by it in any way. The emotional struggle resulting from such a vile act can be life altering and devastating and not to be taken lightly. I am truly sorry and regret that anyone has experienced this atrocity.

However, one pervasive theme in GE these past weeks has been that of the “rapist among us” <doo doo doom bahhhh>.  There has been whole blogs and too many references to name which refer to none other than aikodark/jackdanielson (and his other alts) and his insatiable appetite for, dare I say “rape”.  

To me, Gor is not about sex as an activity, rape play or anything as such but more a playground to explore the embodiment of Norman’s books.  That being said, we do see in the books the reference to rape pertains primarily to “slave rape” where it is not something horrible at all but rather the use of a slave by someone other than her owner:

"Please, Master," she whispered, "subject me again to slave rape."
“Earn your rape,” I told her.
“Yes, Master,” she said, kissing me.
Beasts of Gor   Book 12, p. 121

I felt the girl beside me touch me, timidly. “May I labor now to earn my rape, Master?” she asked.
“Yes,” I said.
Beasts of Gor   Book 12, p. 123

“Have you subjected her to rape test?” I asked.
“No,” said he. “Only to the touch of the owner’s hands.”
Explorers of Gor   Book 13, p.168

There are a few more quotes to reference but this is not a writing to prove slave rape occurred or the context of the action, itself.  It IS a discussion of rape RP by one man in Second Life Gor, in particular GE. 

I honestly do not understand why people choose to whine and complain about aikodark/jackdanielson’s (or any other “rapist”) demands for a bit of pixel, voice or cam sex.  After all, we all have our… uhmm… needs and for those who often fail in the real world to have those needs met, we can pretty much bet they will be satiated in the virtual realm in some form or another.  Is that sooo wrong?  Nah, to each their own is what I say, just don’t include unwilling participants.  However, I do have an issue with hypocrisy. You know well to what I refer…those “chaste” Free Women claiming to be raped so as to not be accountable for enjoying a good cyber rogering at her own hand whilst pixel bumping.  We’ve already had that discussion (see below). 

What I am very curious about is why these violated women allow it to happen at all?  People seem to forget that it is VIRTUAL!! and that no one is forcing anyone to do anything.  I know from first-hand experience with this man that one does not need to succumb to his predilection for rape RP.  In fact, my lack of participation earned me a personal “no future cap” from him because he knew he’d get nowhere.  

[2014/03/25 17:01:33]  (AikoDark Resident): its not like we would keep you

[2014/03/25 17:01:40] You: not like i would stay

[2014/03/25 17:01:41]  (AikoDark Resident): i rped you once we learn from mistakes

[2014/03/25 17:01:49] You: yes because I wouldn’t fur you

What could possibly happen if one were to decline the RP?  No future caps?  Eject from sim?  Ban from sim?  If the rape RP is so horrible, would you be THAT upset if you could not go there?  NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU RP SOMETHING YOU DON’T WISH TO RP!!!  


 Ladies…there is that little “X” in the upper right corner!  Use it as if you were trying to not give up keys and “crash” ;)  


Trust me, if all the women he “raped” would have declined and took the ban, he would have no one to raid his sim!   Well..wait, he no longer has a sim, I almost forgot.  Ironically he has moved to a sim quite well known for a particular Free Woman who pursues rape RP.  Interesting isn’t it?



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Can’t be bothered to name this post….

In recent days, a certain person has been whining about this blog and demanded I take it down.  Seriously?  I try to be a fair person and whilst I am often wrongfully criticised for my commentary, one will find that my views are, for the most part, highly accurate.  I find that most people do not argue the fact that I am accurate as much as take offense at my directness in dealing with matters.  So be it.  I have also found that people most affected by what I write are those guilty of the idiocies I describe.  Simply put, don’t be a fucktard, it’s pretty easy… well, for some. 

If your sensitivities are offended by what I have to say in this blog, by all means, move along.  No one has advertised this blog, no one has asked you to read it.  No one is endorsing it and if you happen to be perving my SL profile and take it upon yourself to read this little gem, you have no one to blame but yourself…and you know who you are. 

I suggest to anyone reading this page to allow your eyes to wander to the right of your screen….yes, that little margin which explains this blog.  Don’t think you can bully me, don’t think you can make threats, don’t think you can determine how I play my game or how I exist in my Second Life, or First Life for that matter.  If you believe the misconception that you can, you are seriously living a life of delusion.

As I have said recently to one assclown in my Second Life:

“If you don’t like the truth then I suggest you change your reality, even if it is virtual.”

She obviously hasn’t taken my advice…<sighs>

Happy reading!


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