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Notorious ROG (Rapist of Gor)

Before I begin, let me make one thing clear, I do not condone rape in any form: earthly, gorean or any other context.  Nor do I dismiss the trauma experienced by those who have been victimised by it in any way. The emotional struggle resulting from such a vile act can be life altering and devastating and not to be taken lightly. I am truly sorry and regret that anyone has experienced this atrocity.

However, one pervasive theme in GE these past weeks has been that of the “rapist among us” <doo doo doom bahhhh>.  There has been whole blogs and too many references to name which refer to none other than aikodark/jackdanielson (and his other alts) and his insatiable appetite for, dare I say “rape”.  

To me, Gor is not about sex as an activity, rape play or anything as such but more a playground to explore the embodiment of Norman’s books.  That being said, we do see in the books the reference to rape pertains primarily to “slave rape” where it is not something horrible at all but rather the use of a slave by someone other than her owner:

"Please, Master," she whispered, "subject me again to slave rape."
“Earn your rape,” I told her.
“Yes, Master,” she said, kissing me.
Beasts of Gor   Book 12, p. 121

I felt the girl beside me touch me, timidly. “May I labor now to earn my rape, Master?” she asked.
“Yes,” I said.
Beasts of Gor   Book 12, p. 123

“Have you subjected her to rape test?” I asked.
“No,” said he. “Only to the touch of the owner’s hands.”
Explorers of Gor   Book 13, p.168

There are a few more quotes to reference but this is not a writing to prove slave rape occurred or the context of the action, itself.  It IS a discussion of rape RP by one man in Second Life Gor, in particular GE. 

I honestly do not understand why people choose to whine and complain about aikodark/jackdanielson’s (or any other “rapist”) demands for a bit of pixel, voice or cam sex.  After all, we all have our… uhmm… needs and for those who often fail in the real world to have those needs met, we can pretty much bet they will be satiated in the virtual realm in some form or another.  Is that sooo wrong?  Nah, to each their own is what I say, just don’t include unwilling participants.  However, I do have an issue with hypocrisy. You know well to what I refer…those “chaste” Free Women claiming to be raped so as to not be accountable for enjoying a good cyber rogering at her own hand whilst pixel bumping.  We’ve already had that discussion (see below). 

What I am very curious about is why these violated women allow it to happen at all?  People seem to forget that it is VIRTUAL!! and that no one is forcing anyone to do anything.  I know from first-hand experience with this man that one does not need to succumb to his predilection for rape RP.  In fact, my lack of participation earned me a personal “no future cap” from him because he knew he’d get nowhere.  

[2014/03/25 17:01:33]  (AikoDark Resident): its not like we would keep you

[2014/03/25 17:01:40] You: not like i would stay

[2014/03/25 17:01:41]  (AikoDark Resident): i rped you once we learn from mistakes

[2014/03/25 17:01:49] You: yes because I wouldn’t fur you

What could possibly happen if one were to decline the RP?  No future caps?  Eject from sim?  Ban from sim?  If the rape RP is so horrible, would you be THAT upset if you could not go there?  NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU RP SOMETHING YOU DON’T WISH TO RP!!!  


 Ladies…there is that little “X” in the upper right corner!  Use it as if you were trying to not give up keys and “crash” ;)  


Trust me, if all the women he “raped” would have declined and took the ban, he would have no one to raid his sim!   Well..wait, he no longer has a sim, I almost forgot.  Ironically he has moved to a sim quite well known for a particular Free Woman who pursues rape RP.  Interesting isn’t it?



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Can’t be bothered to name this post….

In recent days, a certain person has been whining about this blog and demanded I take it down.  Seriously?  I try to be a fair person and whilst I am often wrongfully criticised for my commentary, one will find that my views are, for the most part, highly accurate.  I find that most people do not argue the fact that I am accurate as much as take offense at my directness in dealing with matters.  So be it.  I have also found that people most affected by what I write are those guilty of the idiocies I describe.  Simply put, don’t be a fucktard, it’s pretty easy… well, for some. 

If your sensitivities are offended by what I have to say in this blog, by all means, move along.  No one has advertised this blog, no one has asked you to read it.  No one is endorsing it and if you happen to be perving my SL profile and take it upon yourself to read this little gem, you have no one to blame but yourself…and you know who you are. 

I suggest to anyone reading this page to allow your eyes to wander to the right of your screen….yes, that little margin which explains this blog.  Don’t think you can bully me, don’t think you can make threats, don’t think you can determine how I play my game or how I exist in my Second Life, or First Life for that matter.  If you believe the misconception that you can, you are seriously living a life of delusion.

As I have said recently to one assclown in my Second Life:

“If you don’t like the truth then I suggest you change your reality, even if it is virtual.”

She obviously hasn’t taken my advice…<sighs>

Happy reading!


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Is this Gorean?

Once again, we visit the land of Immortal Outlaws and what do we find…a pierced Gorean!!  YAY!  OKay, so I have no issue with any piercings and if done properly are quite attractive.  However, we find that in the  land of eternal dress codes and perpetual spewing of verbal sewage emanating from the owners/admin of Immortal Outlaws, there lives another bastardization of the Gorean ethos.  So desperate to attract and keep members in a group which has become the laughing stock of Gor, along with its owners (not my words but those of many others) the rules are manipulated and contrived to their own benefit.  Surely, one can say “it’s their sim, they may do as they please” but I am sure one female admin who has the owner on his knees, certainly isn’t buying into his credo “bend over and take it up the ass”.  He often told his former FC  that in order to own a sim, this was a requirement.  Perhaps, this is his take on it…perhaps it was an invitation…perhaps he finally found the perfect woman to do this?  tsk tsk.    Ohhhh, the hypocrisy of it all.


Thank you for the contributions of your pics.  Keep ‘em coming.


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Rape roleplay?

Can you rape the willing?

I despise the misuse of the term “rape” by a good many women in SL Gor. I find it especially true in GE, however that is not to say that it doesn’t occur in BTB sims.  What I have found, however, to be the difference between BTB and GE is that in BTB the women often will hit up some poor sexually-deprived man in his IMs and cyber-screw his brains out on the DL. This avoids IC accountability.  Whereas in GE, Free Women, often dressed provocatively, will simply get downed whilst in combat and taken as a captive. This usually results in “rape” RP…but is it really rape when one goes into the RP expecting and even enticing this type of engagement? 

Then what happens?  The said victimised women, aka attention whores, seek to have their “rape” avenged.  What motivates this vengeance?  Is it for attention specifically or is it simply to passively advertise one’s availability to be “RP’d” in such manner?  

I find the picture below especially relevant:


For all of you Free Women who fail to take responsibility for pixel bumping with that hot avatar your FC doesn’t want you to “RP” by calling it “rape”…. only to later fight side by side with your “rapist” or…. making them an IC family member.

Aww, come on….you know who you are….and so does the rest of Gor ;)


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Expanded descriptors

It seems the Admin at Immortal Outlaws has expanded the Gorean Free Woman dress protocol…again.  To limit the potential threat, the Gorean FW Fashion Gestapo has once again placed another sign at their docks… and again, threatening a 3 day ban to any woman in non-compliance.  


In the interest of landing the man of her dreams, she is ensuring that this man is not lured into the throes of, dare I say, pixel love, by a cartoon who shows skin.  What is even funnier is that she has determined even those women who are fully clothed may not wear baggy, loose fitting trousers stating “Looks like a dangling Nappy”.

Seriously? It must be horrible and a sad place to be to have such low self esteem that you need to control the actions of other avatars’ game right down to how their pixelated clothing fit.   But wait….


Is there hope?  Yes, she is one of “those”.  You know the type who proclaim chastity, only to tease and torment weak men in privacy or IMs so as to not be accountable for slutty actions… or bring them to a sexual frenzy until they acquiesce and give in to making commitment. Ahhh…well let us hope that if rumours are true, she has been claimed.  Perhaps her new man-toy has now resolved that his access to female avatars is severely restricted thus allowing him little choice of being with anyone else but her.  Perhaps he has come to the realisation that unless he submits to her womanly wiles, she will drive any woman from their sim or ban them flat out should she feel them a threat. She indeed has nagged this poor soul into submission…she has broken the man, the High Commander.  Let’s hope in all of this that we shall see a kinder, gentler, Immortal Outlaw Fashionista/rule maker.  

Perhaps we do already?  It appears a new attitude emerges from a woman who finally found much needed relief of sexual frustration:


She apparently relaxed her requirements, already?!  Immortal Outlaws now allows slaves to carry FW weapons?  Is that a blade on that avatar’s left thigh?!   Looking closer, it appears that it IS!  Unless of course, said avatar is actually a Free Woman…<gasp> showing skin?!   Hold on… this poor soul claims to be a bred “exotic”.  Yes, one of THOSE.  You know the kind that are specifically bred for a particular trait, physical trait or type of behaviour.  This one happens to have a phallus… nevermind.  I won’t even expound on this or how  this “physical trait” seems quite appropriate for this group.

 It’s just too easy…  okay, back to the dress code..

Well, if Immortal Outlaws allow their Athenes to be  showing tits, belly and walk about in bare feet, it doesn’t surprise me that the hypocrisy continues.  I say, pick one: BTB or GE and quit manipulating people’s RP based on your level of insecurity on any given day.  Its must be hell to be you. 



Thank you to those who has passed me these photos…keep ‘em coming. ;)

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Rules are meant to be broken

I have been trying…yes, really trying to be a good girl and to be less critical of the emotionally challenged in my Second Life.  However, as I am finding myself being continually maligned, lied about, threatened and bullied, I decided what the heck…I may as well be guilty of what I am accused, right?  Besides, stupidity runs deep in SL and what can be more idiotic than this:


Once again, our friends at Immortal Outlaws try to exert power and control over the rest of Gor.  Failing the ability to find a good fit in BTB RP, they attempt to bring their own version to GE.  In yet another attempt to decrease the insecurity of someone playing a Free Woman, rules have been placed to insure that no scantily clad avatar will compete with a Free Woman for the attention of a pixelated penis donning male.  Yes, you read it correctly, placed at Immortal Outlaws docks there stands a rather large picture of various states of female dress and attire with a hover text which reads “FW incorrectly dress will be asked to change or will be ejected with a 3 day ban, you have been warned”.  Yes, seriously.  ”THIS will stop all those bad bad FW  from showing skin and risking any attempt of them snagging a man..MY man in a virtual world!!”  Insecure much?  Anyone that they deem a threat finds them self on that illustrious ban list <ahems and winks>.

Insecurity aside, this is what I find incredibly humorous…


Cleavage, belly and bare feet: a true example of a Free Woman with a title of Immortal leader.  <cough>  If you notice her GM label above her head “No Disney RP for 15 min I tp out”.  Where do I begin on commenting on that little gem?  Oh hell, why even start?  LOL

Notice the door behind this example of  the type of woman who should be banned for 3 days from this sim.  It was made transparent on the one side ( the inside) to give those defending an upper hand in their fishbowl…yes, I said it, fishbowl fort.  

What is the saying about glass houses?



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Old times…great times

Today I received an invitation via a Gorean Group notice from Tarl Kenorland:

Second Life - Group notice: Old Gorean - Legend Reunion

Come see your old friends again!  Saturday.
See attached NC.

Ahhhh the good old days, when Role Play was an art and character development evolved from realistic story lines.  These were the days when slaves actually RP’d as slaves and acted as those described in Norman’s books.  I know, I know, you are most likely thinking to yourself ..”well..yeah, but you obviously never met so and so” or “how about the time when…” and the obvious “Mmmhmm, slaves are seriously the Masters of Gor”. True that, I know you are pretty much correct as we all have witnessed these events as either as a positive or negative experience.  I recall vividly one person playing 6 different characters in old Midgaard when it was btb.  C’mon, Tarl, you know who I mean, we all suffered at his/her hand one way or another! <lol>  This person actually played the city’s female slaver, a slave to the city, a privately owned slave, the Free companion of the slave’s owner, a “visiting” slave who was often found wandering about the city alone with no owner and  a panther who frequented Midgaard under the guise of being a slave, unowned of course, who was “married” to another panther who seemed to never be online…. or  something.  Talented, eh?  I can barely keep one Avatar and story line intact let alone so many.  However, this DOES give a new perspective of “playing with yourself”.
What has happened?  Well, from my perspective, not  a lot.  However, people’s attitudes have changed.  Explore the underlying reasons why people enter this realm as one or the other or many and you may find an answer.  Since the days of old,  we have all had our reasons to entering the 3-D realm of Second Life and the Gorean subculture that arose there.  If you are an old-time Gorean from the HTML days, this world has brought a whole new dimension to Gor.  Those loooong descriptive emotes describing 150 ways  a slaves long golden locks licked her ass cheeks as she gracefully carried her delicate form over the cold stone of the tavern floor seeking refreshment for her Master now became a definitive visual.  Old timers like me, continued to emote flowery descriptions but as new-comers joined Second Life this lost art of descriptive RP soon became less available, or perhaps appreciated.   Now, if anything, it is nearly obsolete.  Old time slaves learned soon enough that naked pixels gained much more attention than the reading (and writing) of hundreds of lines of descriptive text.  What supported this was the fact that visuals left little to the imagination.  My first “true” Master, whom I will love until my last days,  was won over by my first service to him- washing his feet after a long day fighting.  I think he appreciated my slight clumsiness in taking off his boots and the wrinkling of my nose when the odoriferous stench of his neglected foot hygiene wafted threateningly towards me-  an action which endeared him to me and later found my neck in the fortunate situation of  donning his collar. I recall even more vividly, my friend Tarl Kenorland’s advisement to me, a mere slave at the time.  He gave me insight to how an honorable man transcends his real world philosophies into a virtual realm. All from a man’s perspective, of course.  I truly value Tarl, even though our paths have taken different directions, crossing now and then to remind me my origins and the foundation of my Gorean life…and my innocence.  That was what seems several lifetimes ago.  Ahhh, the good old days….
The situation is much different now, very much different. More people have access these days but that isn’t really the issue.  Few  people who come to RP Gorean story lines have even read one of Norman’s books. They value very little the ideology of Norman’s definition of honor and in this virtual world, no one is held accountable. No one upholds honor and the few that do are quickly squelched and beaten, bullied and marginalised. These neo-goreans survive on random quotes found here and there to support or disprove certain actions or ideas. They take these quotes and construct their own definition of Gor and execute it accordingly.  I have seen such a transition of Gor in Second Life that it sickens me.  People adhere to no community standards that are defined by Gorean ideology. They take what they need and when they can’t find it, call it Gorean Evolved.
Gorean Evolved….I’ll save that for a later post.  

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When Second Life Impacts the First- It’s time to move on

Time for me to step back.  The last months…say  maybe 6 or so, has had a major impact on me and a few others, and not in a good way.  Interactions with social misfits has grown overwhelming to the point that it has affected me and others in such a way that our real life is a blur.  It is easy to get sucked into the abyss of Second Life and drown in the socially retarded interactions with others.  I regret that I was taken-in by false people and those who lack anything of value in their real lives which in turn prompt them to a virtual realm to fulfill their needs.  Sad, pathetic individuals who relish in bringing people misery so their own doesn’t seem so bad.  Predators, stalkers, and those who get cheap thrills from exploiting vulnerable people.  I got caught up in it and allowed it to consume me. I trusted, I believed, I valued.   Shame on me, I should have known better.

I know I’ve not blogged much these last months.  I’ve been giving my time to a farce, a game in which the players play the players.  However, I still appreciate the ideology of Norman’s Gor.  I will continue to blog on this not from a personal perspective but as an observer in a game played by the socially inept and maladjusted.  I began to believe I was actually a bad person, unworthy and intolerable.  This could not be any farther from the truth. As I have nothing to lose at this point, no one is immune. None will be spared.  Beware the misery you’ve impose on others.



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Thank you

Thank you all for your patience.  I have finally got around to making this my primary account in order to follow some of your awesome blogs!!!!    YAY!!

Blog on!!

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Mesh Boobs …or Bust! (Original post May 19, 2013)

I know it may appear that I am obsessed with the trendy over abundance of prim tits in SL for those who have read my earlier posts. However, while I was never one to shy away from a nice set of boobs, I can’t help but be considerably…okay, maybe I am obsessed. I can’t really identify the source of my feelings on them, let alone adequately articulate them. Perhaps it is the analytical side of me that leans towards curiosity. I have always been one to wonder how things are synthesized but more interested in why. What is the motivation behind actions, whether it is manifested in creativity, decision-making, motivation, actions or failed execution of an intended outcome? Ultimately, I’m fascinated!

So, let’s focus a bit on the prim attachments in Second Life.  Okay, Okay… this is not limited solely to Gorean SL but as I am seeing more and more avatars donning the prims which have me totally entranced, both in a positive and negative sense, I will focus on 2 sets I saw just yesterday when visiting our friends at Malice.



As you can see, they come in a variety of shapes and I am not sure but I’d imagine you can resize them to suit your needs. Obviously, they don’t rez well….and as those of us in Real Life who have rather ample bosom, they don’t cover well either.  Personally, in my real life, I call this a fail.  There is nothing worse in my mind than to have my boobilage pouring out over my bra, straining my buttons, or stretching my clothing out of shape.  I think it looks unkempt and gives the impression that you simply didn’t look at yourself in the mirror before you left the house, not to mention clothes that gap and pull, tend to give the impression that you are trying to fit a size 14 body into a size 2 wardrobe.  Not flattering.  But then again…we all have our own preferences and tastes and to some this may look pretty good…even “hawt”. 


In looking at these, pics, I can see why a creator of prim boobs would see the need (and market) for one to have the freedom and ability to show their goods in as many shapes and sizes as one would find in their real life. I agree that one’s virtual body should represent the various sizes and shapes of boobs to which we are exposed (pun intended) in real life!  After all, we all have encountered the seemingly endless variety of prim penises, vuvlas and rectums available in the virtual realm, why not boobs? The beauty of Second Life from an embodiment perspective is that aesthetics is very easily achieved. Unlike in real life, there is no cutting, blood or scarring, nor outrageous medical costs to achieve the look you desire and  you can change your look as often and as many times as you want…all for a few Linden dollars. OK, so that answers the “why” part of their creation: the need for self-expression and economy.

Why do you think anyone would WANT breasts like this?  I mean, I get the self expression part and I appreciate that we all want porn star tits but what does one hope to achieve in attaching these monstrosities to their virtual torso?  Do we do this for ourselves so that we feel confident in our virtual worlds? Do we do it to compete with other female avatars (and other pixel life-forms) for attention? Do we do this to ourselves in hopes of being accepted or found alluring? Who defines what is alluring, anyhow…in a virtual world?  Is it our perception of what others find appealing, that motivates us?  Do we do this for others as I have seen and experienced in Master/slave relationships?  In real life and virtual life, it is apparent that the burden has been placed upon women to morph into a fantasy, even a science fiction one.  In considering this, I don’t envisage John Norman holed up in his office, way back in 1966, as he began writing the Gor Saga imagining women who looked like those we see in SL donning prims tits.  Think about what deemed females attractive or appealing during the era when Gor was conceptualized. Here is an example retro 1960’s porn:


Not quite comparable to the pixel chicks above, is it.  In the meantime, I will keep my overly abundant endowments in RL and continue to appreciate my torso proportionate virtual non-prim boobs in my Second Life. 


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